Illinois Personal Injury Litigation Law Firm

Serious personal injury cases involving motor vehicles often present multiple layers of complexity. Pursuing and obtaining maximum available compensation for an injured person is never simple or straightforward. Legal opponents such as automobile insurance companies and trucking companies will do everything they can to deny or limit payment of appropriate benefits and compensation.

Medical malpractice, pharmaceutical device and drug product liability cases are likewise challenging and present an uphill battle in many cases. A successful claim or lawsuit requires detailed, specialized analysis including medical and scientific data.

Serious Losses Require Careful Legal Analysis

Meanwhile, someone who suffered a serious or catastrophic injury is left to cope with significant pain and suffering, as well as great expenses and losses. A spinal cord injury, a traumatic brain injury, broken bones, an amputation or a birth injury presents extraordinary challenges for the injured person as well as family members. Knowledgeable and effective legal counsel is critical. The choice of a law firm can greatly influence the outcome of a car accident, birth injury or defective medical device case.

As you look for an attorney to represent you after a serious injury, seek one who can apply medicine and science to the law. Entrust your injury claim or lawsuit to a lawyer who can persuasively show causal links between injury and negligence.