Illinois Drug Product Liability Lawyer

Attorney Joel E. Brown in Peoria, Illinois, has the experience and knowledge needed to bring injury claims and lawsuits in the complex area of drug product liability. Joel E. Brown, Attorney at Law, has achieved great many successes on behalf of patients who suffered harm because a manufacturer, a vendor or another responsible party failed to act to protect consumers of dangerous pharmaceutical products. These products proved hazardous for one or more of the following reasons:

  • A manufacturer failed to conduct sufficient tests to be able to verify that a product was safe for consumption.
  • Marketers pushed use of off-label uses of a drug without adequate assurances of safety.
  • A manufacturer or marketers suppressed contraindications such as injuries or fatalities caused by a prescription drug during testing.

An Attorney's Medical Knowledge Strengthens Drug Product Liability Cases

Successful prosecution of defective drug claims requires in-depth medical knowledge as well as legal experience. Illinois product liability lawyer Joel E. Brown has devoted years of concerted effort to the challenge of learning what he needs to understand well to be proficient in the language and concepts associated with drug product liability cases.

If you have been harmed after a drug or medical device was prescribed, delivered and/or administered to you as an outpatient or in a hospital, bring your story to Mr. Brown's attention. He will evaluate the facts of your case and make recommendations, with no further obligation.

Pharmaceutical Product Liability When Pregnant Mothers Take Medications Causing Harm To Fetuses

Drug product liability cases often include a secondary injury to an unborn child when hazardous medications are prescribed for a pregnant mother. Zofran litigation allows for recovery of compensation for babies and their parents after the drug has harmed a child in utero. Request a consultation with a trial attorney at Joel E. Brown, Attorney at Law, to discuss your options if your child has a heart defect or another birth defect and you took Zofran as prescribed during pregnancy.

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