Personal Injury | Joel E. Brown, Attorney At Law

When negligence of a person or entity causes injury to someone, the injured person faces the challenge of pursuing compensation for:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wage replacement
  • Pain and suffering

Determining Negligence And Pathways To Recovery Of Compensation

Each accidental injury is unique. Variables to take into account in a legal case against a negligent party include: How did the accident happen? Who was negligent and in what way(s)? What were the injuries? What is the injured person's prognosis? What are his or her actual losses, including losses to his or her immediate family? What will it takein recovery time, in medical care and in dollars and cents, to make that injured person as whole again as possible? What resources are available to cover those losses? What legal strategies will most effectively bring maximum available compensation to the injured person?

Motor Vehicle Accidents In Illinois

Personal injury lawyer Joel E. Brown, from law offices in Peoria and Chicago, Illinois, digs deeply into questions such as these when investigating accidental injuries of clients of the firm. The goal is always to obtain full and fair compensation for people injured in:

Medical Malpractice | Defective Medical Devices

In addition to motor vehicle accident injury claims, Joel E. Brown, Attorney at Law, brings claims against medical providers in medical malpractice claims (including birth injury (cases) and manufacturers in drug product liability and defective medical device claims.

"The benefit of working with my firm is not only the track record I have continuously maintained over the past two decades, but my background in the sciences. How I apply scientific knowledge to my cases is unique and has proven to be effective when handling medical malpractice, products liability and other injury cases. I am confident, and know that when I enter the courtroom I must be armed and ready to present comprehensive information about my client and the technicalities of the case." — Joel Brown

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