Attorney For People Injured In Car Accidents In Illinois

Motor vehicle traffic has always posed risks, both for occupants of cars and for pedestrians and bicyclists on the road. Accidents at intersections and in heavy traffic are particularly frequent occurrences. Understanding the cause of an accident is important for the legal processes necessary to pursue compensation for someone injured in the crash.

Distracted Driving Is A Troublesome Trend — And Often Evidence Of Negligence

What dangers lead to accidents? Every car accident is unique, but studies have turned up trends that give strong clues about what to look for during an auto accident investigation. Distracted driving — in particular, texting while driving and other uses of electronic communications while at the wheel — may be the answer in many cases.

In past generations, safety advocates focused on ways to make roads safer and make cars safer. Later, dangerous behaviors such as drunk driving, inattentive driving and aggression were highlighted in studies about causes of car accidents. In our day, texting while driving has become a significant public safety problem. Cellphones, tablet computers and GPS devices entice drivers to manual, visual and cognitive distraction from their most important job of driving with full attention. For this reason, texting while driving is a growing area of litigation.

More Than 20 Years Getting Results For Clients Injured In Motor Vehicle Accidents

Discovering the cause of the Illinois car accident that injured you or killed your loved one is a job for Joel E. Brown, Attorney at Law. Was it a roadway design defect or other infrastructure defects, another motorist's traffic violation, malfunctioning brakes, defective seat belts or defective air bags? Whatever the cause, this law firm is equipped to work hard in pursuit of the compensation you need to cover medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

After A Serious Car Crash, Request A Free Consultation

Before you discuss your case in detail with investigators or insurance claims adjusters, learn about your rights to compensation. Call or email the law office to learn how Joel E. Brown, Attorney at Law, can provide the legal counsel you need on a contingency basis.

From law offices in Peoria and Chicago, personal injury lawyer Joel E. Brown primarily handles car accident cases involving serious, catastrophic and fatal injuries. His science background, knowledge of medical issues and track record of favorable outcomes for injured people are all factors that strengthen clients' cases.