Commercial Vehicle Accidents | Advocacy For The Injured

Commercial vehicles differ in several ways from private vehicles. For one thing, they are often on the roads nearly continuously. Drivers move them around as part of their day-to-day jobs. They are often heavier than private passenger cars. They sometimes carry heavy cargo. They may be oddly shaped compared to other traffic. They may stop frequently. Finally, they may present complex insurance coverage to deal with in case of an accident.

Attorney Joel E. Brown in Peoria and Chicago has more than 20 years of experience in complicated, high-stakes personal injury cases such as commercial vehicle accident cases. He is available to evaluate cases and bring claims on behalf of people injured as occupants of other vehicles, bicyclists, motorcyclists or pedestrians. Contact the law offices to schedule a conversation with Mr. Brown at your convenience regarding a crash caused by any type of commercial vehicle, such as a:

  • Semi-trucks
  • Delivery truck
  • Service vehicle, such as a pesticide application truck or a carpet cleaning vehicle
  • Public service vehicles, such as utility trucks and garbage trucks
  • Ambulances, medical transport vehicles and taxis
  • Transportation vans for disabled passengers
  • Vehicles with unusual features such as cherry pickers
  • Flatbed trailers hauling lumber
  • Tractors and other farming-related vehicles

Joel E. Brown, Attorney at Law, most often represents people who have suffered serious injuries or lost loved ones in accidents such as commercial vehicle accidents, including construction vehicle accidents. Injured people and their families are often in shock and disbelief in the early stages of recovery from a commercial vehicle accident. Mr. Brown can take burdens and get a case underway without delay. He can take over communications with health care providers, trucking companies and insurance companies.

Mr. Brown prepares every case as if for trial — and legal opponents know or soon learn that he will not hesitate to walk into a courtroom and argue a case before a judge or jury. His previous court records verify this. Commercial vehicle owners, operators and insurers quickly understand, when Mr. Brown represents an injured accident victim, that a fair settlement is the most expedient way to resolve a case.

Offering Free Consultations To People Injured In Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Generalizations on a website such as this one only go so far. There is no substitute for a personalized discussion with a lawyer as you seek a way to recover compensation after a serious accidental injury. Joel E. Brown, Attorney at Law, is prepared to share valuable information with you in a free initial consultation. With office locations in Peoria and Chicago, we handle cases throughout Illinois. Call 800-642-4437 or complete our online intake form to request a consultation at your convenience.