Injury Claims And Lawsuits For Illinoisans Injured In Motorcycle Accidents

Many people automatically assume motorcyclists are to blame when a car or truck is involved in a collision resulting in injury or death. In fact, other motorists are often at fault — and then claim they "didn't see" the motorcycle. Failing to keep a lookout for traffic is negligent on the part of any motorist.

Unfortunately, motorcyclists generally suffer more serious injuries than occupants of other vehicles, simply because their bodies are not well-protected. Even if they wear helmets and leather, a crash can mean broken bones, a head injury, a back injury or a spinal cord injury. Furthermore, motorcyclists often carry less insurance than drivers of cars or trucks do. This means it is critically important to pursue compensation from all available sources.

Determining negligence on the part of other drivers or other parties (such as road maintenance and service operations) can make all the difference in the outcome of an injury claim or lawsuit on behalf of an injured motorcyclist or surviving family members after a fatality.

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Overcoming the bias against motorcyclists is a large part of the challenge of a motorcycle accident lawyer. Law enforcement agents, insurance claims adjusters, judges and juries may all bring their biases into a case. A knowledgeable lawyer is essential. Joel E. Brown, Attorney at Law, has more than 20 years of experience achieving successful outcomes for people injured through the negligence of others. His scientific background and in-depth medical knowledge help strengthen claims for clients of the firm.

Personal injury lawyer Joel E. Brown recognizes and respects the passion of bikers for their hobby or preferred commute. This law firm is prepared to fight for an injured biker's right to compensation.

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