After A Pedestrian Or Bicycle Accident, Seek A Lawyer's Advice And Advocacy

Pedestrians and bicyclists have one major factor in common: Both are moving around, often in or near traffic, without the protection of a car or truck body.

When a motor vehicle strikes someone on foot or someone riding a bicycle, the body of that pedestrian or bicyclist takes the full impact of a vehicle weighing two tons or more. Pedestrian and bike accidents often involve double blunt force injuries: the pedestrian or bicyclist, if hit by a car or truck, may strike pavement, a retaining wall, a tree or the vehicle's windshield. Flesh and bones without protection are no match for steel and concrete. Blunt force injuries and crush injuries are often serious, catastrophic or fatal.

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The injured person then faces a double burden: overcoming the odds to improve medically and dealing with financial losses. Pain and suffering are real in such cases. Medical challenges often involve hospitalization, surgery, therapy and rehabilitation. In the case of a fatality, surviving family members are left to grieve and cope with the difficulties that come with the sudden death of a loved one. Suffering that goes on for days or weeks and ends in death can mean massive hospital bills in addition to emotional pain for family members witnessing the decline of the injured person.

A lawyer who represents an injured pedestrian or bicyclist is most effective when he or she has medical knowledge to complement legal skills. Attorney Joel E. Brown offers injured people and their families reassurance because of his knowledgeable, scientific background as well as his years of experience and results as an advocate for the injured.

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