Lawyer Zealously Representing People Injured In Truck Accidents In Illinois

Joel E. Brown, Attorney at Law, is a well-recognized source of knowledgeable, effective representation of semi-truck accident victims and others injured in commercial vehicle accidents throughout Illinois. Truck accidents are one of the greatest hazards for occupants of other vehicles on our interstate highways and anywhere trucks move cargo. Truck drivers are occasionally injured or killed also, but most often, it is a driver or a passenger in another car or other small vehicle who suffers the most. Truck accident lawyer Joel E. Brown offers free consultations to people who have been injured or their family members.

Why Did The Accident Occur? Get Answers And Advice As Soon As Possible

Tractor-trailer accidents often occur because of unique features of these large vehicles: they are difficult to maneuver in traffic and they weigh much more than other vehicles do. A semi-truck accident often involves an uneven collision between a low-lying car and the high-level trailer full of cargo pulled by an also-high-seated truck cab. A car or motorcycle is sometimes trapped beneath the truck and dragged, trapping occupants, nearly always with disastrous outcomes.

If your loved one was killed or if you were seriously injured in a semi-truck accident in or near Peoria, Chicago or elsewhere in Illinois, Joel E. Brown, Attorney at Law has valuable advice to offer in a no-fee, no-obligation initial consultation. Let Mr. Brown know if you are unable to come to law offices at either location. He is available to travel to where clients are — in hospitals, or convalescing at home.

Once you make the decision to work with attorney Joel E. Brown, you will soon realize how his solid scientific and medical knowledge helps build strong cases. You will also be aware of how hard he works to find out the cause of the accident.

Was it a driver's safety violation or a trucking company's neglect of federal motor carrier regulations? Was it a roadway design defect or a trucker's distracted driving? Was the truck modified but not re-certified as roadworthy afterward?

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The answers to such questions will help point to the most effective legal strategies. At the law offices of Joel E. Brown, Attorney at Law, every case is prepared from day one as if it will go to trial. Our legal opponents know we mean business based on our track record of strong outcomes. When a defendant or insurance company agrees to a fair pretrial resolution, our clients are already well-prepared to accept when that is in their best interests.

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